uber score

An Easy way to find your passenger score on Uber

I found out recently that Ubers can refuse to pick you up based on your passenger Uber score. So I just had to find out what it was! However Uber doesn’t make it the easiest to find your score. Here is how you do it! Open your Uber app, tap the three lines in the top left hand corner 2. ...

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9 Interesting Things I learned About Uber…

So Uber has been one of my favorite things for the past couple of months and though I think i’m one of the last people to really embrace Uber I have learned some pretty interesting things in conversation with the drivers. If an Uber driver gets under a 4.5 star rating they get put on probation. I feel this is ...

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Diary of A Technology Addict…

So I would have to say that i’m pretty much obsessed with technology. I always get the newest gadget and understand the newest technology trend. So what comes with that is an assortment of when your electronic devices start malfunctioning or failing you at the worst possible times. I decided to take my experience and make a video about it!

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Great Gifts for IT Geeks

This post might be useful right now when the holidays are around the corner or maybe you would like to give a gift to one of your clients just to say thank you! Or to have them remember you by. Here are some gifts that I have given to my clients over the years and they have loved them! 1. ...

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