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How to decide which Apple Watch to get?

I’ve thought a lot about this topic and i’m going to tell you why I decided to go with the 38mm Apple Watch Black Aluminum. I believe there about 18 different options to choose from and the decision can be a little overwhelming especially if you are buying it as a gift. There are three main categories of Apple Watch: ...

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Diary of A Technology Addict…

So I would have to say that i’m pretty much obsessed with technology. I always get the newest gadget and understand the newest technology trend. So what comes with that is an assortment of when your electronic devices start malfunctioning or failing you at the worst possible times. I decided to take my experience and make a video about it!

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5 Ways To Explain Your Data Center Job To Your family

So you get a new job working or selling into a data center, and your so excited to tell everyone about it because you have been hoping for a great job like this forever. Then you tell your first person. I got this job and i’m going to be working with data centers….they are excited because you are excited (woo ...

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DCK Caption Contest: Turkey Under the Raised Floor

Here is another Caption Contest from DCK, Cast your captions today! Click on the image to direct you to the contest!!

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Could Changing your Cabinet Color really save you money?

That’s right, white cabinets! I was able to see my very first white cabinet at the Afcom show in Vegas last year and I was truly amazed. So amazed in fact I got caught taking pictures with my cell phone like it was a celebrity. So not only do these cabinets look very clean but they can save you almost ...

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What is a Data Center? For Dummies…

So with the holidays coming up everyone always seem to resort to “how’s work going?” as a conversation starter and most of the time you are left in the cold because no one in your family really knows what you do!?! I did a blog post a while back on how to explain what you do for a living if ...

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Great Gifts for IT Geeks

This post might be useful right now when the holidays are around the corner or maybe you would like to give a gift to one of your clients just to say thank you! Or to have them remember you by. Here are some gifts that I have given to my clients over the years and they have loved them! 1. ...

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Dear Technology, Where are all the outlets?

Dear Technology, We have come so far  in technology but if we can’t power the darn things… they are useless. Where are all those outlets at the airport??? So would you think it’s Weird or Brillant to bring your own power strip?? This comic was inspired by two things….One, this article I read on “7 Ways to make flying more ...

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Data Center Comic Book!

Its Finally here! This book is the very first data center comic book out there! You will have a chance to see how I created the comics as well as a little about the characters themselves. The themes explored are Power, Cooling, Site Selection, Green Initiatives, Infrastructure and so much more! Kip and Gary’s popular success is attributed to the data ...

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