5 Ways To Explain Your Data Center Job To Your family

So you get a new job working or selling into a data center, and your so excited to tell everyone about it because you have been hoping for a great job like this forever. Then you tell your first person. I got this job and i’m going to be working with data centers….they are excited because you are excited (woo hoo), then the first question….so wait what do you do?  Well now here is where it gets a little complicated, because this person’s computer skills go as far as knowing how to write an email and check their Facebook account…so what do you say?

1) Wikipedia style: (basically saying the exact definition of what a data center is…)

yep you lost them….you could have told them you fix rainbows so that unicorns can get to there magical place and you would still be in the exact same spot….

2) I work with computers:


You figured they have to know what a computer is, so the fact you work with them should make sense? And acutually it does…but now they want you fix there computer, along with everyone they know, and now instead of calling geek squad they call you…grrr…

3) I work with technology:


Yep, lost them again, they think you either are an inventor, a scientist, or just a guy that selles computer parts at the mall….either way not as glamours and you originally thought it was going to be.

4) Al Gore style:


I make the internet work….this is classic! The first time I heard it, I loved it. It sounds important, and everyone knows what the internet is, and very rarely does someone break the internet…usually their computer doesn’t work first…however…it still doesn’t explain what you do….

5) Using an Analogy:


At this point they are going to say they understand because quite frankly they probably understand about 50% and they don’t want to risk going back to understanding nothing so they just leave it.

Bottom line, unfortunately if the person has no experience with technology or computers they may never understand what you do. And probably at this point you have excepted that, well at least I have. But  I would love to hear how you describe your job to family members and friends! I look forward to hearing from you!!

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