5 Ways A Wall Calendar Can Make You Happier…


In the age of technology and gadgets it’s hard to think that a good ole’ paper wall calendar and in particular this awesome Kip and Gary Data Center Comic Calendar can make you happier…(and me happier if you buy one!) But it can…and here is how:

1) Smiling….it’s a proven fact that people that smile more are happier and I guarantee you if you are in the data center space these comics are sure to make you smile and not just once, but MONTHLY! Because every month when you flip to a new page will be greeted with a new comic!

2) Better time management! Because this calendar will be in plan sight you are less likely to miss meetings that you write on the calendar, which in turn would make you less stressed which would make you happier.

3) Great conversation starter! Because this is the ONLY data center calendar out there it’s sure to be a great conversation piece…so you can avoid awkward silence by simply saying, “have you seen this this?!? It’s comics about the data center?” Who knows where this amazing conversation to lead too?

4) Great Wall decor! My cubical used to pretty bare…but not anymore. With this colorful calendar it’s like having a new piece of art displayed every month!

5) It’s a great gift! People love gifts especially unique ones and this is sure to stand out from the crowd! And every time they look at it they will think about how you gave them the gift of happiness!

I’m sure after you read this you are thinking that i’m just trying to sell a calendar…and you would be right. BUT….I want to make you happier too! :) So if you’re interested in buying one I have them on my website, you can click HERE! Or if you are a frequent Amazon shopper It’s also on Amazon too (Prime)! Thanks for taking the time to read this small infomercial, hoped you enjoyed my attempt to make it less “salesy”


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