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A Data Center Book for Children?

Just when you think you have seen it all, A data center book for children! I always like to see what new data center books are out there to see what my book (What happens in the data center…) is up against. And I just so happened to come across this gem! “Mommy, Why is there a server in the ...

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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving A Data Center…

A colleague of mine, Blaine Berger, just authored an awesome book, “What Everybody Ought To Know Before Moving a Data Center”.  There was a great deal of relevant information that I’d like to share with you. Here are 8 questions that stood out for me. Of course this is a brief summary, so for more details I recommend you consider ...

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7 Tips to Avoid Big Data Center Disasters

I’ve been in the data center world now for almost 10 years and I’ve collected some great tips from my customers to prevent data center disasters. So here they are! 1. Color coding your data center. Something as simple as using colored power cords can be prevent a big problem. This way it’s a simple way to see what feed ...

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9 Things I Learned After Owning The Apple Watch For A Month…

So i’ve owned the Apple Watch for about a month now and I love it! This isn’t a review about what apps to buy or technical details like the battery life. This is an article about, “What is it good for?” “How will it improve your life?” I didn’t really expect much from the device. I was originally looking for ...

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Siri, where do you live?

So if you ask Siri, “Where do you live?” she responds with “Right here”…but that’s not where she really lives…When Siri was first announced I was so excited! My own little personal assistant. But then I got to asking her questions I realized she was eating up alot of my data. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and I ...

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5 Ways A Wall Calendar Can Make You Happier…

In the age of technology and gadgets it’s hard to think that a good ole’ paper wall calendar and in particular this awesome Kip and Gary Data Center Comic Calendar can make you happier…(and me happier if you buy one!) But it can…and here is how: 1) Smiling….it’s a proven fact that people that smile more are happier and I ...

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How to decide which Apple Watch to get?

I’ve thought a lot about this topic and i’m going to tell you why I decided to go with the 38mm Apple Watch Black Aluminum. I believe there about 18 different options to choose from and the decision can be a little overwhelming especially if you are buying it as a gift. There are three main categories of Apple Watch: ...

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Diary of A Technology Addict…

So I would have to say that i’m pretty much obsessed with technology. I always get the newest gadget and understand the newest technology trend. So what comes with that is an assortment of when your electronic devices start malfunctioning or failing you at the worst possible times. I decided to take my experience and make a video about it!

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5 Ways To Explain Your Data Center Job To Your family

So you get a new job working or selling into a data center, and your so excited to tell everyone about it because you have been hoping for a great job like this forever. Then you tell your first person. I got this job and i’m going to be working with data centers….they are excited because you are excited (woo ...

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DCK Caption Contest: Turkey Under the Raised Floor

Here is another Caption Contest from DCK, Cast your captions today! Click on the image to direct you to the contest!!

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