Data Center Comic Book!


Its Finally here! This book is the very first data center comic book out there! You will have a chance to see how I created the comics as well as a little about the characters themselves. The themes explored are Power, Cooling, Site Selection, Green Initiatives, Infrastructure and so much more! Kip and Gary’s popular success is attributed to the data center settings and themes which are familiar to many who have worked in this environment. Much of the humor emerges as the audience sees the characters make ridiculous decisions and problem solving techniques that may have been attempted by yourself or by a co-worker at one time in your career. It’s guaranteed to make you smile!

Why buy this book?
– Turn your prospects into customers with a memorable “door opener”
– Stay “Top of Mind” with current customers by gifting directly from Amazon
– Motivate your technical staff with a humorous glimpse into their life in the data center
Would you like to have your books customized? 
Is your company part of the data center ecosystem? Then you know standing out in a crowd is critical. Now you can have a custom gold applique on the front cover with your logo. If you want an amazing gift that will get you and your company remembered then e-mail me right now for more information and pricing!  

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